Monday, May 3, 2010

Slurpico Revealed

I often write about my husband Slurpico simply because my blog is about Lancaster, and he is one of the more interesting things in Lancaster. People have written to me, curious as to whether I will post a picture, or if he will remain a mythical figure like Maris on Frasier, or the guy who lives next to Tim the Tool Man Taylor. In deference to the amount of time I spend ogling Johnny's athleticism while my poor hubby bangs pots and pans together to get my attention, I am opening the curtain on Slurpico. (Please forgive my indulgence) He is the Penn State Powerlifting coach and he competes with his own team (unheard of-he is more than twice their age).
Here he is squatting 500 pounds. That is simply an a-- load of weight. He is not big, nor is he young. He does not take performance enhancing drugs. He trains like an animal in the garage. Johnny if you need a strength coach...we are right here. Just sayin.'!video/video.php?v=426048286884&ref=mf#!/video/video.php?v=426048286884&ref=mf


  1. Holy Moly sista! That's awesome! Your hubby is a doll. You two seem really fun, btwn the Johnny fixation, Mickey Mouse on the harley and power lifting? Cool video!

  2. Oh I love him! Awesome video too! He does look like Serpico! (I love me some Pacino)